China - biggest brands

China - biggest brands

If you really want to figure out what makes the Chinese economy tick, then learning about its biggest brand names is a good place to begin. Here we list some of the major players in China's rapidly growing economy.

China Mobile

A telecoms brand, China Mobile is one of the world's largest providers of wireless services. As the middle class grows, goods such as phones and broadband services become more and more in demand and China Mobile is spearheading that trend.


Since 1984 the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has been a powerful force in the Chinese financial market. Its recent growth has been spurred on by a determined expansion into foreign markets. Thanks to its state funding (it is one of the four major government run banks), its financial clout is pretty intimidating. It owns 13% of all Chinese loan products and 15% of all Chinese deposits and, with more than 16,000 branches across the nation, it is not getting smaller anytime soon.

China Construction Bank

Another state run banking enterprise, CCS is the go-to supporter for any form of infrastructure project in the country. With 12% of the nation's loans, it is one of China's most trusted creditors.


Think of Google. Now think of Google in a world where no other search engine is allowed to exist. That's about the best way of understanding Baidu, who claim 79% of the search engine market in China. The world's 3rd fastest growing company, Baidu dominates the technology scene in its home country despite being virtually unknown outside its borders.


Tencent is China's most prominent digital communication enterprise, offering customers a plethora of online tools and services. Its catalogue includes web portals, games, chat applications and much, much more. Plus it is only getting bigger, as evidenced by its recent partnership with Disney, which will allow Tencent to distribute animated Disney content through its social networks.

Agricultural Bank of China

The third state-owned bank on our list, the ABC is mainly responsible for funding small and mid-sized companies in rural China. Though it does not have the creditor power of the above mentioned banks, it is hugely influential in the agricultural sector for obvious reasons.

China Life Insurance

Again we see China's growing middle class' influence over what market sector's become more powerful. More income means more people investing in things like life insurance. With the advertising power of spokesperson Yao Ming (China's most famous ex-NBA star), China Life is considered the most recognised life insurance company, just edging ahead of Ping An.

Bank of China

Yes, Bank of China is the fourth of the big four state owned banks to get on our list. Considering they are funded heavily by the government, it should come as no surprise that these massive financial powerhouses are so influential in the Chinese economy.


Though not traditionally a nation of heavy drinkers, China has recently begun a love affair with alcohol that shows no signs of dissipating. Though wine is the tipple of choice for many, baijiu, a high volume, clear liquid little known outside of the country, is also very popular. Moutai is its most famous producer.


Finally, we have Sinopec, an Oil and Gas provider based in Beijing. With more foreign partnerships expected in the next few years, Sinopec will only grow more, despite the government occasionally reducing its income by forcing down the energy prices.