OPPO Developer Conference 2022

OPPO Developer Conference 2022

OPPO kicked off its 2022 OPPO Developer Conference (ODC 2022) today, unveiling its Pantanal cross-platform smart system, OPPO Carlink solution for enhanced smartphone-car integration, and the OPPO Sense® health algorithm along with an RMB 2 billion plan to support developers and creators working with OPPO.

"We will live in a world where smart devices are everywhere. These smart devices should not be simply connected but integrated to serve users and help realize the future of the Internet of Experience," said Pete Lau, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at OPPO. "As we continue to transform into a company with its technology ecosystem, we look forward to joining hands with global developers and partners to build an open, symbiotic, and thriving ecosystem for all."

OPPO's Pantanal cross-platform smart system provides fully open integration for everyone

During ODC 2022, OPPO introduced Pantanal — its first cross-platform system designed to break boundaries between different devices and systems to let them truly connect and collaborate. With cross-device sensing and computing capabilities, Pantanal can better understand and anticipate users' needs and provide services at the right time in the right way.

As a cross-platform system, Pantanal will make it easier for developers to develop and deploy services across multiple platforms, lowering cost while increasing efficiency.

OPPO Carlink solution provides integration for smartphones and automobiles

With more and more people relying on their smart devices for in-car services and entertainment, OPPO has developed OPPO Carlink to enhance collaboration and integration between smartphones and automobiles. OPPO Carlink provides a new model for smartphone and car companies to work together. Users can access a smartphone's computing power and app ecosystem without changing existing in-vehicle infotainment systems, while smartphones can provide services through the car via software pushes.

At ODC 2022, OPPO announced a partnership with SAIC Motor to work together on integrating smart devices and automobiles. This follows OPPO's agreement with Tesla China earlier this year to use OPPO smartphones as digital keys for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in China.

Joint R&D leads to seamless, intelligent IoT experiences

OPPO has continued to expand its hardware portfolio as it builds up a rich ecosystem around its products and services. OPPO has introduced its broader portfolio of IoT products to over 50 countries and regions worldwide, achieving over 120% growth across all categories over the past three years.

Empowering global developers to build an open and integrated ecosystem

More than 300,000 developers and 700,000 creators have joined with OPPO to distribute their products and services to users across multiple platforms. The OPPO Open Platform supports developers in areas such as app services, graphics processing, and interconnectivity. OPPO also announced that it will allocate RMB 2 billion worth of resources towards its Gravity Plan in 2023 to support developers in building an ecosystem together.

Improving quality of life through preventive health

With advances in sensor technology, algorithms, and data science, OPPO is working to improve the health of its users through preventive health approaches. At ODC 2022, OPPO announced the debut of its self-developed OPPO Sense® algorithm, which features breakthroughs in cardiovascular health, fitness, and sleep tracking. OPPO will also further its collaboration with global partners to improve connectivity between IoT products and develop health management apps, hardware, and services designed to help detect the onset of certain chronic diseases.

During the event, OPPO also shared updates from its first OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator, which recently ended on August 29. The program was launched earlier this year to empower technology professionals and entrepreneurs to bring their innovative solutions to life and create a better future together with OPPO. Among 536 submissions from 39 countries and regions, ten winning proposals were selected, with each proposal exploring innovative solutions to challenges in Accessible Technology and Digital Health. In addition to receiving $46,000 in grants, the ten winners will receive support from OPPO and its partners to help them further develop and implement their ideas.

Guided by its brand mission of "Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World" OPPO continues to work towards building an open platform that facilitates collaboration with developers and other partners. By joining forces with more developers and partners, OPPO will continue to enrich and expand its ecosystem, bringing seamless connectivity and smart experiences to more users worldwide.

OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award

OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award

Congratulations to Carlos Alcaraz, who wins the OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award at Wimbledon 2022. Recognising the inspirational efforts of this year's rising stars, previous winners include sporting elites Emma Raducanu and Coco Gauff. As this year's Wimbledon has drawn to a close, The All England Lawn Tennis Club and OPPO (Wimbledon's Global Partner for the fourth consecutive year) recognise the sporting excellence on show during the fortnight. Looking at those that inspire, not just the next generation of tennis stars, but also the fans in the stands and at home, unveiled today is the winner of the OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award – Carlos Alcaraz.

Hailed as one of the most exciting young stars in tennis, the 19-year-old has won four ATP singles titles this year and is currently ranked at a career-high of No.6 in the world.

Tied to OPPO's new brand proposition, Inspiration Ahead, this year's award has rebranded to focus on recognising the herculean efforts of tennis players at the peak of their talents. Competing against the best of the best comes with struggle and adversity, and the award champions those who have persevered and excelled with a positive outlook.

"Inspiration Ahead means showing confidence and poise when we are moving forward. It encourages us to remain resolved and graceful as we brave the storm and break the stagnation. Participating in sporting events is fantastic for OPPO to convey the mutually inspirational spirit and communicate OPPO's technology innovation experience with our global users." announced William Liu, OPPO's Vice President and President of Global Marketing.

The finalists, chosen by a panel of Wimbledon's broadcast correspondents, were selected from this year's competing tennis stars at The Championships. In the running to be crowned the winner of the OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award for 2022 were eventual winner Carlos Alcaraz, along with Jannik Sinner, Tatjana Maria and Harmony Tan. Fans around the world had the power to vote for the tennis player that inspired them the most throughout the competition, with the vote concluding on 8 July.

Breaking new ground and inspiring people worldwide is a key ethos at OPPO. The OPPO Breakthrough Inspiration Award exemplifies this ethos by acknowledging the tennis stars that live and breathe those values. Inspiring future tennis stars is key to continuing the eclectic 100-year legacy of Wimbledon's Centre Court, marking it as one of the greatest sporting tournaments in the world.

OPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since the launch of its first mobile phone - "Smiley Face" - in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the perfect synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology. Today, OPPO provides a wide range of smart devices spearheaded by the Find X and Reno series. Beyond devices, OPPO also provides its users with ColorOS operating system and internet services such as OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. OPPO has footprints in more than 60 countries and regions, with more than 40,000 employees dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world.

The Championships, Wimbledon, is the oldest of the four tennis Grand Slams and the only one played on grass. Managed by The All England Lawn Tennis Club and staged on the Club's Grounds, Wimbledon has evolved from its origins as a private members' croquet club in 1868, to one of the world's biggest annual sporting events and one of the most well-respected brands in sport.

2022 Overseas Town Culture and Tourism Festival

2022 Overseas Town Culture and Tourism Festival

Against the backdrop of sustained improvement in controlling the pandemic and the orderly recovery of tourism, the Overseas Chinese Town Group (OCT Group), one of China's culture and tourism organizations, launched its annual culture and tourism festival on June 24th.

A large panoramic and ecological cultural tourism festival created by OCT Group and the first such event spanning several months founded by a single organization, with a vast lineup of scheduled activities taking place in multiple locations, the OCT Culture and Tourism Festival, now in its fifth year, has become a landmark event in China's cultural and tourism market.

This year's festival will have events throughout the summer and autumn in more than 100 Chinese cities and towns on the premise of the continued effectiveness of current pandemic prevention and control measures. A total of 300+ themed events will take place throughout the festival, and more than 1,000 products will be available for sale at favorable prices.

Interest in cultural events and tourism is expected to grow during the summer period. A mix of rural, urban and patriotism-themed events as well as ones that highlight China's intangible cultural heritage have been scheduled to take place at theme parks, scenic spots, entertainment complexes, resorts and hotels operated by OCT Group. A lineup of comprehensive and customized tourism packages including food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment will be on offer to meet the diversified preferences of visitors. The wide range of musical, cultural, culinary and fashion choices assures that the preferences of all visitors will be met.

Huacheng Tourism, a compressive tourism E-commerce platform owned by OCT Group, has planned to release several travel products and packages with various discounts. It will also upgrade and roll out the OCT Membership Mini-Program available on WeChat, which allows visitors to redeem points for obtaining exclusive privileges, as well as gain access to discounts on tickets to cultural events and creative peripheral products.

In a move to revive enthusiasm for travel following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, OCT Group has leveraged the festival to create new demand with innovation-driven products and services. The group has partnered with businesses and organizations across the entire tourism industry chain in a move to support the resumption of production and the return to work. OCT Group's efforts have done much to boost confidence in the sector and help in the recovery of the tourism market. More than 2,300 cultural and tourism products and 900 themed events were rolled out during the 2020 and 2021 festivals, drawing 85 million visitors.

First launched in 2018, the festivals have been crucial in maintaining the tourism sector during the worst of the pandemic as well as in reviving the sector as we move beyond it. OCT Group has been a critically important player in carrying out the social and economic responsibilities of cultural and tourism organizations by continuously strengthening the supply of quality products, creating festival events that meet the changing expectations of attendees, and generally taking actions that increase the enjoyment experienced by all visitors to the extraordinary lineup of events.

China Push for Cooperation and Globalization Partnerships

China Push for Cooperation and Globalization Partnerships

As the world deals with major changes and a pandemic unseen in a century, China has highlighted the importance of advancing globalization even as the economic integration process faces headwinds.

To forge greater synergy for development and close the development gap, the international community needs to pool cooperation resources, platforms and networks of development partnerships, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Friday in a virtual address to the plenary session of the 25th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

"We have full confidence in China's economic development," Xi said. "China will continue to promote high-quality development, expand high-standard opening-up with firm resolve, and pursue high-quality Belt and Road cooperation."

More equitable, sustainable global development

Noting that the international community is keen to achieve more equitable, sustainable and secure development, Xi said it is important to seize opportunities, meet challenges head-on, and work on the implementation of the Global Development Initiative to build a shared future of peace and prosperity.

The Chinese president proposed the Global Development Initiative in his speech to the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly via video link in September last year. The plan charts a course for international development.

It is important that all countries strengthen the "soft connectivity" of development policies and international rules and standards, Xi told the attendees at the forum.

Attempts at decoupling, supply disruption, unilateral sanctions and maximum pressure should be rejected, and trade barriers removed so as to keep global industrial and supply chains stable, tackle the worsening food and energy crises, and revive the world economy, he said.

It is important to follow true multilateralism, and respect and support all countries' pursuit of development paths suited to their national conditions, he said, adding that it is also important to build an open world economy and increase the representation and voice of emerging markets and developing countries in global economic governance.

He also called on countries to pursue innovation-driven development, stressing the importance of unlocking the potential of innovation-driven growth, improving the rules and institutional environment for innovation, and breaking down barriers to the flow of innovation factors.

Xi urged efforts to deepen exchanges and cooperation in innovation, facilitate deeper integration of science and technology into the economy, and make sure the fruits of innovation are shared by all.

China to continue promoting high-quality development

The Chinese president pointed out that the fundamentals of the Chinese economy – strong resiliency, enormous potential and long-term sustainability – remain unchanged.

As one of the first countries to resume work and production, the country became the only major economy to register positive growth in 2020, with its GDP surpassing 114.4 trillion yuan (about $18.1 trillion) in 2021.

A recent report released by the American Chamber of Commerce in South China has indicated that over 70 percent of the assessed companies have reinvestment plans in China for 2022, and 58 percent consider their overall return on investment in China to be higher than in other places.

China stands ready to work with Russia and all other countries to explore development prospects, share growth opportunities, and make new contributions to deepening global development cooperation and building a community with a shared future for mankind, Xi said.